First Mass of Fr. Joshua Passo, FSSP

Fr. Joshua Passo, FSSP
Fr. Joshua Passo, FSSP

Fr. Joshua Passo, FSSP, was ordained in Omaha, Nebraska, on Saturday May 31, 2014, and offered his first Mass the next morning at Immaculate Conception, our parish in Omaha.  Father Passo was assisted by Fr. Robert Ferguson, FSSP, with Fr. Karl Marsolle, FSSP, assisting as Deacon, and Fr. Michael Passo, FSSP, his brother, as Subdeacon.

Father’s vocation story begins with God giving him parents who taught him what it means to know, love, and serve God faithfully. Father considers his parents two wonderful and amazing people who have been a great example and influence for him not only in his answering the call to his vocation, but especially to answering the call to the vocation to which God gives everyone, that is, the call to holiness.

Father thanks all of his brothers and sisters for their support, good example, and love. For him, what little virtue he has and also why he has been able to persevere in his vocation has been only because of God’s grace and the support of his family.

One thing he learned about his priestly formation in the seminary is that it has been a journey of trust in God. As a seminarian you experience many situations when you have no other option than to just trust in God and hope for the best. Whether it was in the classroom or taking a very difficult exam, fulfilling all his daily duties of work, study, and prayer, or serving as the Head Master of Ceremonies in Pontifical Masses or other difficult Ceremonies, all of these situations can leave a seminarian with the overwhelming feeling that he had not the time, energy, or ability to accomplish everything that is required of him. Father found myself saying often to God: “My God, I can’t do this. Only with your help can I have success in this work.” As he looked back at all he accomplished in his seven years at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary he knows that it was only by the grace of God and his trust in Him which gave him the strength and ability to complete the seven years of priestly formation.

If a young man were to ask Father what he must do to make it through seven years of seminary formation, he would tell him that he must trust and love God more than He ever has before. No matter what happens, no matter how helpless he may feel at times, he will always have the strength and ability to accomplish what is asked of him if he continues to give God the first place in his heart. All God wants from each and every single one of us is our love and commitment, once we have given Him this, we can do anything.

With God all things are possible.

Fr. Passo wishes that the love and blessing of the Infant Jesus be with each of you, and asks that you all keep him in your prayers.

July 28, 2014