Freedom From Thought continued

There is a great deal of difference between freedom of thought and freedom from thought.

Before we went to school, we were free to think that a yard was 28 inches. But once we were taught that it was actually 36 inches, we had to change our original supposition to the correct one.

By doing so, we were then able to build upon that idea. With correct measurements, we were now free to calculate the length of a football field accurately and safely, and participate in a common shared reality.

That is freedom of thought because it empowers us to use our reason correctly.

Freedom from thought would be holding on to an error after being taught that such is not the case.

One would still be free (in a sense) to construct a whole world around an erroneous measurement, but it would not be the world of reality or truth.

And any attempt to impose that world of unreality and untruth on others would, actually, be a form of violence, as it is a threat to true freedom.

Isn’t it interesting, that when the thought police and their fellow inmates try to take over the asylum of truth — a structure so very necessary for their own safety and protection — violence becomes the tool of choice?

September 21, 2020