Giving Tuesday on November 30, 2021

Your local FSSP priests are working harder than ever. They’re celebrating more Masses. They’ve extended their hours for confession. They’re bringing the sacraments to seriously ill Catholics in hospitals. They’re recording sermons and posting them online for Catholics who are starved for spiritual guidance. They’re processing stacks of parishioner registration forms and researching ways to expand the seating at their parishes.

But they’re not complaining. Rather, our priests consider it a privilege to bring Jesus to you. Each of our priests in the North American Province aims to spend his entire life taking care of your spiritual needs. Will you show your gratitude by reassuring our priests that you’ll help take care of their physical needs for as long as they live?

Please Support the FSSP’s “Priest Forever” Fund on Giving Tuesday

The FSSP is still a community of predominantly young priests. But as time goes by, we’ll have more and more priests who aren’t actively engaged in the activities of our apostolates.

There are three reasons for this:

Even young communities get old. The FSSP is celebrating its thirty-third anniversary this year. It won’t be long before we see a significant number of our priests near retirement age. Moreover, a few older priests have also joined our ranks. They all deserve to know that we’ll take care of their housing, medical care, and other necessities. Meanwhile, the many priests we’ve ordained over the past couple of decades will soon reach a stage of life at which medical costs can increase exponentially.

Some priests will experience serious medical problems. For reasons only God can understand, sometimes He allows His faithful workers to undergo medical hardships that require costly care. For example, in 2016, a long-time FSSP priest experienced a severe hemorrhagic stroke, the effects of which left him unable to celebrate Mass again. Due to needing constant medical attention, he spent his final years in a care home, offering his sufferings for the FSSP. It was a blessing to provide for his every need—but as the FSSP grows and the proportion of aging priests increases, such situations create new obligations that must be met with our dedicated support.

As the North American Province expands, we’ll need more priests to work outside of parish life for the benefit of the Fraternity itself. There are certain decisions within a priestly community that can only be made by priests—decisions about the health of individual apostolates as well as our entire community. Opening more apostolates and expanding our current apostolates will require more oversight and support from our North American headquarters.

In response, the FSSP has established the Priest Forever Fund. This fund aims to provide for the physical needs of FSSP priests even when they are not assigned to an apostolate. With this fund, we can thank our hardworking priests for making a total gift of their lives. This year on Giving Tuesday, the FSSP aims to raise $200,000 for the Priest Forever Fund—enough to make a substantial investment in the long-term well-being of our priests. Here’s how you can help.

Please Make Your Gift on November 30

As you probably know, Giving Tuesday is an annual online event in which nonprofits of all kinds seek to raise money on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. This year’s Giving Tuesday will be on November 30, 2021.

Your gifts on Giving Tuesday will support the overall good of FSSP priests—whether they’re working in apostolates, assigned to other duties, retired, or on medical leave. You’ll help us continue to establish new apostolates and staff them with hardworking priests. You’ll give those priests assurance that just as they have always been there to meet your spiritual needs, you will always be here to care for their physical needs.
Making your donation of any size takes just seconds online. As a special thanks to all who support us, we’ll enter donors into a drawing to win one of several FSSP-branded gifts.

In honor of our 33rd anniversary, all gifts at $1,533 and above will receive a brand-new 4-pack of FSSP-branded craft beer glasses, and those above $733 will receive a copy of our Vade Mecum prayer book. Also, givers of $133 or more will have a chance to win special FSSP gifts like rosaries, stained glass, magnets, calendars, and holy water bottles. The more milestones we hit, the more we will give away.

We’re always humbled by your generosity, and we thank you for your friendship and support. With your help, the FSSP will continue to form priests for life.

Support A Priest Forever on Giving Tuesday

November 22, 2021