Michael’s Miscarriage Ministry Holds Evening of Remembrance

FSSP Dallas has begun an incredible new initiative.

Michael’s Miscarriage Ministry is a new parish project dedicated to assisting those who have experienced the heartache and sadness associated with the loss of a child, born or unborn. The ministry is named for a little boy named Michael who was never able to see his birthday, as he and his parents suffered a miscarriage during the time they were expecting him. Michael’s would-be godmother is the group’s main coordinator, and after the loss that touched Michael’s parents, she now works to extend resources and support to mothers and fathers who are also suffering the pain of losing a child.

The ministry held its first annual “Evening of Remembrance” on November 6, an evening for all those who have been through or are going through this difficult experience. The evening consisted of Mass at 7pm followed by a reception introducing the ministry. Roses to represent each remembered child were available for attendees to place in vases for the Marian altar, and those who came were also invited to bring a memento of their child to place on a table at the reception.

Among those who came was Michael’s mother.

For more information on Michael’s Miscarriage Ministry, please email miscarriageministry@materdeiparish.com.

November 9, 2017