Path to the Priesthood: Fr. Richard Wallace

Fr. Richard Wallace

Fr. Richard (Ricky) Wallace was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. He attributes his vocation primarily to his mother, who told him that he should pray to God, and ask to know His will for his own life. She said to Ricky that whatever God’s will is, he would be happy in following it. Furthermore, he was moved after reading a biography of the heroic priest, St. John Vianney.

Even before he was a teenager, Ricky knew that he would probably have to be a priest someday, though this idea was not attractive to him. During high school, Ricky began serving at the Latin Mass and this had a good impact on his vocation. Toward the end of high school, the idea of a religious or priestly vocation became more attractive to Ricky, and he found happiness in visiting Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary in 2010. He applied for entrance to the seminary in 2011 and in the meantime got a job. He was accepted to the seminary and moved from the desert to the great plains of Nebraska.

Fr. Wallace during his ordination

Looking back on seven years of seminary formation, Fr. Wallace notices how much he has learned intellectually, spiritually, and at a human level. Recalling the principle that grace builds on human nature, he considers his human formation especially important. He has also had the opportunity to travel much, which has been both joyful, and a fruitful learning experience. Just as his mother told him, doing God’s will does bring happiness. He thanks his family for their support, as well as his benefactors, and those whom he has gotten to know along the way to the priesthood.

To those discerning a priestly vocation, Fr. Wallace encourages one to have a deep and faithful prayer life, especially in regard to devotion to the Blessed Virgin; he also encourages one to find a spiritual director, and keep good friends at one’s side.

June 25, 2018