Remembering Rome

Greetings from Vico Equense on the Bay of Naples! There is much to catch you up on. We departed Rome on Friday morning after Mass at Santissima Trinità, and arrived at San Giovanni Rotondo that evening after a beautiful drive through the mountains and dales of southern Italy. Our visit to the home of Padre Pio and the nearby shrine of St. Michael at Monte Sant’Angelo was truly extraordinary, and we will tell you about that very soon in another post. 

Mass at Santissima Trinità on Friday

In the meantime we will take you on a more extensive tour of what we did in Rome. We spent three days total there, and perhaps everyone was a little sorry to leave it: countless jewels of our Faith are to be found within its walls, and you could spend years there and never see it all. It is the Eternal City, the heart of the Church, whose history is told by the beautiful churches and holy sites where so many great saints and sacred relics reside. Our time may have been short, but we were both grateful and joyful for the days that we had and for all the holy places we were able to visit. Here is a little more from our sojourn there.

St. Peter’s Basilica

Mass at the tomb of St. Peter


Santissima Trinità dei Pellegrini

The FSSP’s parish in Rome, where we heard Mass on Thursday and Friday


Santa Maria Sopra Minerva

Resting place of the body of St. Catherine of Siena


The Gesù

Mother church of the Jesuit Order, resting place of St. Ignatius Loyola and the arm of St. Francis Xavier



Resting place of St. Monica

October 21, 2018