Solemn Vespers of Pentecost Celebrated in Scranton

In honor of the Descent of the Most Holy Ghost upon the Apostles and Mary, Fr. Jose Zepeda, FSSP, pastor of St. Michael’s in Scranton, celebrated the Solemn Vespers of Pentecost with Fr. Michael Stinson, FSSP, and Deacon Massimo Botta, FSSP, on the afternoon of Pentecost Sunday. They were joined by the schola of Saint Michael’s and by a large number of the faithful gathered to unite in this solemn office.

In Solemn Vespers, the celebrant is in cope, while the assistants are in choir dress. Incensing of the altar occurs, and various acolytes are used who are normally reserved for service in Mass. The office is offered from the sedelia, with each Antiphon and Psalm intoned by the celebrant, after which the schola completes the recitation of the Psalm. Solemn Vespers concludes with the singing of the Salve Regina, and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. Enjoy images from Scranton.

May 31, 2013