Solemnity of Good Friday, in Images

The commemoration of the Passion of Our Lord begins as Holy Thursday ended, in silence.

The sacred ministers enter in alb and black stole, lying prostrate before the altar, before the celebrant arises and all kneel for the opening prayer. The two lessons from the Old Testament that are read explain the mercy of God poured out for our redemption and the instructions for the sacrifice of the Pascal Lamb for the Passover.  In this second lessen we see the fulfillment of the perfect sacrifice of the Lamb of God, so that by the Precious Blood of Jesus, the lintel and posts of our soul are covered.

The Passion of Saint John is then read or chanted, followed by the sacred ministers vesting in black as the  great intercessions are chanted from the altar:  for the Church, the Pope, the people of God, public officials, catechumens, the needs of the faithful, unity in the Church, conversion of the Jews, and conversion of unbelievers.

Adoration of the Cross follows, with the sacred ministers divesting of their chasuble or cope. The celebrant unveils the cross for adoration, calling the people to “come, let us adore” the Cross of Christ. During Adoration of the Cross the schola offers the Reproaches — a litany of intercessions and blessings given to us by God throughout the history of salvation. The hymn Crux Fidelis … Dulce Lignum (“Faithful Cross … Sweetest Wood”) is then offered.

As part of the restoration of Holy Week in 1956, reception of Communion is restored to the Mass. For this part of the service, the sacred ministers vest in violet vestments as the Deacon retrieves the ciborium from the Alter of Repose, processing back to the high altar. Communion prayers are offered and Holy Communion administered.

The service completes with a genuflection of the sacred ministers, and recession to the sacristy in silence. What follows is a gallery of images from our Dallas apostolate, Mater Dei.

April 8, 2013