Subdiaconate: The International Edition

On the same day as our five seminarians in Denton, six more from our seminary in Wigratzbad, Germany, were also raised to the rank of subdeacon. His Excellency Bishop Lajos Varga, Auxiliary Bishop of Vác, Hungary, celebrated a Solemn Pontifical Mass on February 10th and conferred the subdiaconate on two German and four French seminarians, while twelve seminarians also received minor orders.

It was a wintery but bright day in the little town of Gestratz where the ordinations took place, light snow falling from the sky to join that already on the ground as the ceremonies ended and each of the ordinandi processed outside wearing the tunicle, the particular vestment of the subdeacon. As a part of the subdiaconate ordination, each candidate processes into the church carrying the tunicle on his left arm, and is clothed in it by the bishop during the ceremony.

The subdiaconate is the first of the major orders, the four minor orders being acolyte, exorcist, lector and porter. We will be doing a series soon on the history and duties of each of these orders, which are a great treasure that we have been privileged to preserve.

Please keep the seminarians in Wigratzbad and Denton in your prayers as they advance towards the priesthood!

March 7, 2018