There’s Still Time to Enroll in Our Mother’s Day Mass!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching on Sunday! If you haven’t enrolled your mother in our yearly Mother’s Day Mass, you still have time to do so. It takes just a minute to fill out the online enrollment form found here. Also on that page you will find a downloadable holy card that you can print out and give to those you enroll, and the letter for Mother’s Day 2020 from North American Superior Fr. Michael Stinson.

There’s no better gift we can give our mothers than the Holy Mass and our prayers. You can enroll your natural mother, those spiritual mothers in your life, and any mothers who are special to you, living or deceased.

When the October 2019 edition of our Meménto newsletter hit your mailboxes last fall, some of you wrote in to us asking about the beautiful image on the front cover. It is Simone Cantarini’s The Madonna and Child Holding A Rosary, Crucifix and a Rose, also called the Madonna Della Rosa. Click the image to enlarge and download it (it’s in the public domain, so feel free to share and print it). It’s a wonderful depiction of the love between the infant Jesus and His Blessed Mother, and we hope you enjoy it as you celebrate her Motherhood and that of all mothers this Sunday. +

May 8, 2020