Big Procession, Big Plans: Part II

In October, we published Big Procession, Big Plans: Part I, in which we told you about the beautiful procession at Mater Dei Parish in Irving, Texas in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun. We had more to write about this thriving parish, but we decided to do another post since there is just so much going on. We spoke once again with Adrian Montes, Parish Life Coordinator at Mater Dei, and his wife Mary Montes, who told us about the exciting projects in motion at the north Texas apostolate.

Mater Dei Parish in Irving, Texas, on the Feast of Christ the King 2017


Married Couples’ Series

A new series of events for married couples is planned for this year at Mater Dei. Mr. and Mrs. Montes are excited about what this series will offer, and they shared the blueprint with us. The events will be monthly and will include childcare for those with children. Things will begin with a social hour and potluck for attendees to mingle and get to know one another, and will continue with a talk by one of the priests. A couple will give a testimony on a particular theme, and the idea is that there will be a core group of four or five couples who will contribute regularly in this role. Table discussions are also a probable component. The series is intended as a way for married couples to form friendships with other couples, to receive guidance and to share their wisdom, and thus for the marital and familial bond to be strengthened.

The kick-off for the series is a January 27th event on the four temperaments featuring Art and Laraine Bennet, who have written four books on the subject. They will give three talks and do a book signing as part of the all-day event.

Michael’s Miscarriage Ministry

We introduced you to this wonderful ministry in our post here about the Evening of Remembrance they held in November.

Safety Team

The Safety Team is a group consisting of men who ensure the safety and security of all those who attend Mater Dei. They are a valued presence at every Sunday Mass, plus other Masses, processions and events, the coordinator meeting with the group once a month to discuss matters of safety. The group also coordinates speakers to come to Mater Dei to give talks on safety issues, such as the recent talk given on cyber safety which provided information for parents about keeping their kids safe in the age of the internet and smartphones.

Servers Training Servers

An interesting initiative begun at Mater Dei is a program in which young men who grew up serving at the altar, but are now adults and no longer serve, train older men to serve. The older servers become necessary at early morning Masses and other special Masses where no regular servers are normally available. The monthly program will include a talk by a priest about the liturgy or a topic from Church history followed by the training sessions. This program is a way for young men to be involved in serving after they have grown up, and for men of all ages in the parish to stay connected with one another and share in this great and necessary work.

This is just a brief window into the extensive array of ministries and events that are taking place at this vibrant parish. You can find out more at their website, Mater Dei has groups and projects for all ages, and they are doing a monumental job in ensuring a joyful and busy parish life to complement and support the sacramental life of their parishioners. If you ever visit North Texas, do join Mater Dei for Mass and be sure to check their schedule to see what’s happening!

January 10, 2018